L.O.V.E. Wedding & Music Services

1Why are DJ prices so high, you’re just there playing music right?
While we understand that the price may originally scare some couples, you have to look at all the extras that you are getting from a professional DJ and the amount of time and work that goes in behind the scenes to make sure your event or wedding goes smoothly. There is insurance, professional equipment to upkeep, dozens if not more emails, phone calls and meetings leading up to the big day and then the sometimes 12-16 hour days on the event itself. When you take a DJ cost and break it down by hour of dedication and work required, it doesn’t work out to be as large of a cost as one would assume.
2We want to book your services, how can we do that?
We generally enjoy meeting our clients for an in-person consultation so that we can all get the feel for one another and make sure that we are all comfortable working together. Hiring a DJ can be a large expense for a wedding or special occasion and it is important that you feel close to them and that you trust them.
3How much is your deposit?
For a wedding our deposit requirement is $250 and for a special occasion or event it is $150. Any event requires a signed contract along with the deposit in order to confirm and hold the date. The balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the event along with any music selections.
4Will you act as our Master of Ceremonies?
We can definitely provide MC services for you on the big day. As an MC we can announce your bridal party and your big entrance, interact with the crowd to keep the dance reception rolling, and create special moments for the big parts of the evening like father/daughter dance, garter and bouquet toss, etc. Please keep in mind, while we are great to use for MC in this respect, you should still have a friend or family member be your MC for dinner and speeches as they will know you on a personal level and provide a more appropriate feel for these more intimate and heartfelt moments.
5Will you take requests?
We will definitely take requests and also ask for your suggestions on genres of music. Every wedding and event is slightly different and having a basic idea from the hosts prior to the day gives us a fantastic starting point. We also offer a client area on our website where you can put together a list of roughly 20 songs that would make your evening complete, so that we make sure we play any specific songs you want.
6Do you have references?
In additional to some amazing testimonials left on our website, we also have several previous clients who would be happy to provide you with their input of how it was to work with us. We strive to have a personal relationship with all of our clients and have remaining in contact with them through friendship even after their events are over.
7What makes L.O.V.E Wedding & Music Services different?
In any wedding or special event, the DJ’s role is crucial to its success or failure. You need someone who is professionally aware of each situation and who has the expertise to create a smooth and enjoyable event. The dedicated team at L.O.V.E Wedding & Music Services are professionally trained and experienced in providing the best possible experience to create a memorable event. We excel in reading the crowd and determining the most appropriate music and activities to get people moving. Our biggest compliment we hear often is how responsive we are. We’re here, any time, to make your event the best it can be.
8Why do you want to know the name of our other vendors?
A large part of that is to see if we have worked with any of them before. Having previous experience with another vendor means that we are already accustomed to their quality and way of work, making it much easier for all of us to coordinate and give you the best day possible. It also gives us an opportunity to contact any vendors we do not know and touch base to make sure we are all on the same page to make sure your day is absolutely fantastic. It allows us to make sure we are all on the same timeline. It is better to get clarification on any questions days/weeks before the wedding/event instead of seconds/minutes prior to something needing to be done.