Top 5 Things To Look For When Hiring a DJ

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March 16, 2015
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Top 5 Things To Look For When Hiring a DJ

  1. Value
  • It’s okay if price is one of the first things you look at, but be sure to do your research. Finding a DJ with a low price but no experience may be more of a risk than a deal. Choosing a DJ with more experience under their belt may be worth the higher price tag especially if your reception music and dance party is very important to you.


  1.  Experience
  • You don’t need to pick a DJ that has decades of experience, but you also don’t want your special day to be your DJs first wedding. Experienced DJs will have a better concept of timelines and have the ability to read the dance floor to better choose music for your wedding. They will also have relationships with other individuals in the industry such as venues and photographers. These pre-established relationships may help your day run smoother meaning less stress for you.


  1. Equipment and Music Library and Insurance  logo-2 + Licensing 
  • Equipment- Professional DJs own the equipment they will be using resulting in them having a lot of experience with it. When a DJ relies on renting equipment there is a higher risk of problems occurring which could disrupt for your wedding ceremony and reception. With a proper DJ you know they will arrive with the right equipment to suit your needs and your venue space. Be sure to ask your DJ what they plan on using on your special day so you know they will not just show up with an iPod and a small set of speakers.
  • Music Library- Though it is impossible to have EVERY single song, your DJ should have a wide selection of music in their library. Professional DJs will also make sure that all the music they have is licensed and properly censored. They will also be able to provide assistance in choosing songs for special moments during your wedding.
  • Insurance- Your DJ should have insurance coverage and liability; you never know what can happen! Having an insured DJ protects you from added expenses due to damaged equipment.


  1. Passion and Customer Appreciation
  • DJs who love what they do are dedicated to their work and are constantly trying to improve and expand their skills of the craft. Always try to meet with your DJ in person for a consultation prior to booking; this will allow you to see their personalities and passion for what they do in a way that phone calls and emails are unable to do. The manner in which your DJ communicates with you matters as well. If they are taking 2-3 days to respond to your initial inquiry it may show that their correspondence with their clients isn’t a priority to them. The lack of quick response time may become frustrating for you as your wedding day approaches and you need answers quickly.


  1. its-about-you How they will approach “Your Wedding” and make it about You
  • Entertainment is one of the biggest parts of a wedding reception. When you have a DJ who cares and knows details about the couple they are working for gives them the ability to add little touches to the reception. From remembering that the groom was a part of a boy band tribute group and playing Backstreet Boys so he can perform an old dance routine to playing the first dance song from the brides’ parents wedding 30 years ago. These small details can help personalize your wedding day even more!
  • While we are professionals, we are here to guide and suggest not to dictate! No DJ or any other vendor should be telling you how things should go. This is your big day and you should have a say in every aspect of it. A good DJ will be there to help and to accommodate your specific needs and personalize aspects to suit your wedding.
  • A DJ company that offers a photo booth would be able to customize a design template to match your theme and colour scheme. They can also create a custom playlist for your cocktail hour and dinner to match your theme or to represent your cultural background. If you are considering a DJ company, but they are unwilling or unable to accommodate your ideas it may be a sign to look elsewhere.
  • Do they offer add-on’s such as projector and screen, dance floor lighting packages, up-lighting & gobo’s or a photo booth which can be used as a favor from a bride & groom.